Nils Nielsen


Nils Nielsen is borned and raised in a place called Gran in Hadeland. Gran is a small place outside Oslo. Because of his job his now located in Romsdalen,Norway and in Chamonix, France. From his early years Nils was a talented cross country skier, but as he grow older he went more in the direction of the mountains. Over the last year Nils has become one of Norways most active mountain guide and alpine climber. He has climbed challenging mountains in Alaska, Nepal and Patagonia. 

He is a international approved mountain guide, and he is one of Norways most active guides as he has his workplace both in Norway and foreign countries. Summer as winter, Nils are guiding people around in both climbing and skiing.  Actually Nils guided Norways prime minister and the crown prins of Norway in the Norwegian mountains. 

During the last season Nils starting competing in randonee comeptitions. As an former cross country skier he got good results, and was one of Norways participants during the world championship last winter.


On his spear time Nils challenges is limits, and below you can se some of his achivements.


Gender Male
Ski Dynafit
Boots Dynafit
Discipline Randonee/Mountain Guide
Date of birth
Nationality Norway
Hobbies Cross Country skiing, biking, hiking,
Sponsors Dynafit, Haglofs, Swix


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